Water Heater Leaks​

If you are in need of leak detection and plumbing repairs, Lue Plumbing & Alhambra Backflow is the plumbing restoration company to call. Pipe leaks can cause harmful and expensive damages to your home or property. This is why you need an expert to help when you experience any water heater leaks.

Whether it be fridge, sink or water heater leaks, our skilled plumber can help with all of the water damage and even install moisture barriers. Backed up with years of experience, we are designed to perform excellent services for our customers. We are 100% focused on delivering our skills and knowledge about the industry to not only help repair any plumbing problems but to educate on the ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ plumbing works like it does.

For help with any issues your experiencing with your plumbing systems in Alhambra, CA, contact Lue Plumbing & Alhambra Backflow. We're known for providing exceptional residential and commercial plumbing repairs and drain cleaning services, so contact us today!